Sunday, March 1, 2015

Colorlicious Lipstick

"CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipsticks"

Hi there yesterday I went to the drug store & of course I wondered into the makeup aisle & came across the CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipsticks. They have four different categories of color Pink, Red, Plum, & Nude (36 shades total). Now, when I purchase lipstick I always look for how pigmented the lipstick is, if it's matte, yet not over drying, for a slight gloss, & how long it wears. I love nudes & pinks; I always gravitate towards them, in that case I decided I would pick up two shades that really caught my eye. I went for the nude in the shade "honeyed bloom 245" & the pink in shade "yummy pink 380." I tried them both out the nude is definitely a true nude with a slight gloss & the pink reminds me of a bubble gum, very soft. They are pigmented, slightly glossy but not matte, moisturizing, & they did wear well I want to say five hours until I had to reapply due to drinking & eating. 

here to inspire,

It's always important to moisturize your lips, & one of my tricks is Vaseline.

It is important to use a lip liner it will help your lipstick stay in place & not bleed.

 Honeyed Bloom 245

Yummy Pink 380

Apply your lipstick ;)