Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Shirt(local boutique) some options Here // Here     Shorts Similar Here // Similar Here  
Blazer Here      Heels Similar Here  // SimilarHere     Bag (Nine West, old)

      Hi my beauties today I put together a outfit together around this beautiful tropical top that I just got last week from a local boutique for the beautiful Spring & Summer days to come. The colors are just amazing I love blues, greens, & teals especially for this time of the year. Now, because the shirt is colorful I toned it down with the rest of the outfit I paired it with my favorite black high waisted shorts, & a pair of simple black heeled sandals. I also added a nude blazer that went very well with this outfit, I rolled up the sleeves which is my personal preference. As many of you have noticed I am very simple when it comes to jewelry, & that is why all I have on is a pair of earrings (as usual). I also added one of my most practical cross body bags from Nine West that I have had for a couple of years now. This outfit is very airy & comfortable for the warm seasonal days. 

here to inspire,

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Classic Blazer

"Classic Blazer"

Blazer Here       Jeans Here     Tanktop Here    Belt Here      Watch Here       Heels(Old)

     Hi my beauties it was time for a outfit post don't you think?! Here I am showing you a outfit I go for when I am not sure what I should wear. You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans & a blazer, it looks so put together yet not over dressed. Here I started with a pair of dark wash jeans from H&M that I added a belt to, I tucked in a simple white tank top, & I also rolled up the sleeves on my black blazer, how cute are the polka dots on the inside lining of the blazer?! I decided to go with a pair of peep toe high heels from BCBG, you can also go with a pair of ballet flats for a more casual every day look. I accessorized the outfit with simple pearl stud earrings, my MK watch, & a white clutch with a fun fringe tassel. 

here to inspire, 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nominee of Liebster Award

Hello beauties I was surprised to see that I was nominated for the Liebster award today, how exciting?! It is a way for new bloggers with under 200 followers to get out there & learn about other bloggers. I want to give a special thank you to pearlsandrosesdiary.blogspot.gr for nominating me.

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the nominators 11 questions.
3. Nominate 11 new blogs with less than 200 followers and include their link in your post.
4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer. Notify them via social media.


1. Source of inspiration.
My biggest inspiration are every day girls I come across, bloggers, & Instagramers.

2. Choose the fashion designers/icons you admire the most.
There are quite a few from designers, to celebrities, to bloggers. 

3. How would you describe your style?
For the most part I would say  feminine, chic, & edgy. 

4. Which are your favourite beauty products?
A good moisturizer, concealer, mascara, & lipstick.

5. How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
I just hope to be happy where ever I am & with whatever I am doing.

6. Favourite travel destination.
I love traveling! my favorite place I have been to has to be Croatia for it's beautiful beaches.

7. Why you love blogging?
I love blogging because it gives me a way to document my style, & also to inspire other girls.

8. Name an item from your wardrobe you can't miss.

A classic point toe pump & a leather jacket.

9. Share beauty/fitness tips.

Beauty:  Heat up your eyelash curler for five seconds for a long lasting lash curl. (be careful)
Fitness: Stay motivated by changing up your workout every time, it's more exciting that way.   

10. What is the most difficult thing about blogging?

Probably putting myself out there.

11. Why blogging is fun?

I enjoy photography & fashion so with blogging I can do both. 

                      THE BLOGS I NOMINATE:
                                                     1. millianaglisovic.blogspot.com
                                                     2. www.adelaacanski.com
                                                     3. milasindinka.blogspot.com
                                                     5. www.bossyjocey.com
                                                     6. bambolai.blogspot.com/
                                                     7. favorisdemavie.blogspot.com
                                                     8. mywayblogdreamer.blogspot.com
                                                     9. ivanaradman19.blogspot.com
                                                    10. www.highheelsandhappyfeels.com/
                                                    11. kintanfashion.blogspot.com

MY QUESTIONS: (for my nominees)
1. What made you start a blog?
2. How long have you been blogging?
3. Who is your favorite blogger?
4. What is your dream job?
5. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
6. Heels, flats, or tennis shoes?
6. What two makeup items could you not live without?
7. What camera do you use to take your photos with?
8. Describe your style in three words?
9. Your dream vacation?
10. Your favorite quote?
11. Your favorite perfume?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nume Lustrum


Hi beauties if you are on a look out for a new curling wand set, here for you I have the Nume Lustrum 5inOne set. Im going to give you my impression on it; such as how well it works, how well curls hold, if it's worth the price, & so on..

I have to say the packaging is pretty awesome, especially for traveling, if you are a hair dresser, or just for storage. It rolls right up, & each wand has its own slot for its own protection. You also get a heat protecting glove against burns, if you are new to curling wands please use the glove.

You can get a variety of curls with the different sizes of the wands. In order from Left to Right the biggest wand is 32mm, then you have the 25mm, third one is 19mm, next are the pearl & reverse. My personal favorite is the 32mm, it gives me big waves. I also got the Nume Argan Oil with the set.

Do the wands attach easily & stay on?
The wand attached easily, you can also lock it in place.

Does it come with a heat protecting glove?
It comes with a heat protecting glove, & do use it if you are new to wands.

Does it heat up quickly?
It heats up in just seconds, up to 410F.

Can you change the heat setting?
You cannot change the heat setting, which is bit of a bummer. 

How well do the curls stay in?
My hair holds curl well, I usually don't even use hairspray.
If you have a hard time with curls staying in my tip is; 
(this is what I do) as soon you wash your hair, blow dry it, & curl it right after. 

How is the oil?
It gives the hair a nice healthy shine.

How much does it cost?
The price is $205 USD. 

Is it worth the price?
If you are going to use all or most of the wands it is worth the price. 
Now, if you are planning on using one wand I would say no,
 & you can get pretty good wands for a lower price.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would recommend this wand set.

Where can I get this set?
You can get this set on the NUME website Nume Lustrum 5inOne.

If you have any more questions that I did not cover feel free to ask me in the comment section below & I will be more than happy to help you out.

here to inspire,

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trench Dress

"Trench Dress"

Hi my beauties I hope you all had a great week, also Easter 
& that your having good weather this Spring.

Trench Coat Here // Similar Here       Pumps Here           Watch Here          Clutch Here // Here

  Do you remember my TrenchPost from February well, here I turned that trench into a dress for the Spring days not a bad idea, right?! I pulled/rolled up the sleeves & gathered the trench together at the waist with a studded belt. I also paired it with my Steve Madden pumps, my MK watch, & I added a clutch. If you are on a look out for a light Spring trench this one from Forever21 is great. & remember it's up to you if you want to wear anything under, ha ha!

here to inspire,

Friday, April 3, 2015

Feeling the Blues

"Feeling the Blues"

Shirt (H&MHere // Here         Skirt Here // Here // Here // Here       Heels Here     
 Necklace (Old from Charming Charlies) some options; Here // Here // Here

Hi beauties today I was feeling the blues, haha! get it?!
I have had this round skater skirt for a good while, It's a oldie but a goodie, & the color is just beautiful. I love a denim top so I decided I would add it with this skirt, I rolled up the sleeves, buttoned it all the way up & added a fun statement necklace right under the collar from Charming Charlie (one of my favorite places to find cute affordable jewelry). & for the shoes I had to go with something that is settle yet fun, &are these leopard heels a statement or what?! 

here to inspire,