Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nume Lustrum


Hi beauties if you are on a look out for a new curling wand set, here for you I have the Nume Lustrum 5inOne set. Im going to give you my impression on it; such as how well it works, how well curls hold, if it's worth the price, & so on..

I have to say the packaging is pretty awesome, especially for traveling, if you are a hair dresser, or just for storage. It rolls right up, & each wand has its own slot for its own protection. You also get a heat protecting glove against burns, if you are new to curling wands please use the glove.

You can get a variety of curls with the different sizes of the wands. In order from Left to Right the biggest wand is 32mm, then you have the 25mm, third one is 19mm, next are the pearl & reverse. My personal favorite is the 32mm, it gives me big waves. I also got the Nume Argan Oil with the set.

Do the wands attach easily & stay on?
The wand attached easily, you can also lock it in place.

Does it come with a heat protecting glove?
It comes with a heat protecting glove, & do use it if you are new to wands.

Does it heat up quickly?
It heats up in just seconds, up to 410F.

Can you change the heat setting?
You cannot change the heat setting, which is bit of a bummer. 

How well do the curls stay in?
My hair holds curl well, I usually don't even use hairspray.
If you have a hard time with curls staying in my tip is; 
(this is what I do) as soon you wash your hair, blow dry it, & curl it right after. 

How is the oil?
It gives the hair a nice healthy shine.

How much does it cost?
The price is $205 USD. 

Is it worth the price?
If you are going to use all or most of the wands it is worth the price. 
Now, if you are planning on using one wand I would say no,
 & you can get pretty good wands for a lower price.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would recommend this wand set.

Where can I get this set?
You can get this set on the NUME website Nume Lustrum 5inOne.

If you have any more questions that I did not cover feel free to ask me in the comment section below & I will be more than happy to help you out.

here to inspire,