Friday, April 3, 2015

Feeling the Blues

"Feeling the Blues"

Shirt (H&MHere // Here         Skirt Here // Here // Here // Here       Heels Here     
 Necklace (Old from Charming Charlies) some options; Here // Here // Here

Hi beauties today I was feeling the blues, haha! get it?!
I have had this round skater skirt for a good while, It's a oldie but a goodie, & the color is just beautiful. I love a denim top so I decided I would add it with this skirt, I rolled up the sleeves, buttoned it all the way up & added a fun statement necklace right under the collar from Charming Charlie (one of my favorite places to find cute affordable jewelry). & for the shoes I had to go with something that is settle yet fun, &are these leopard heels a statement or what?! 

here to inspire,