Friday, January 30, 2015


"Gift Ideas For Her"

1. Red Pumps    
4. Michael Kors Watch    5. Love Cuff    6. Love Studs  
7. Chanel Chance Perfume  8. Heart Scarf   9. Pink Beenie 10. Flowers

Hi there when you think of Valentines day you don't just think of what you will wear you also think of gifts for loved ones, right?! I put together a few items here for you that might inspire you. These don't have to just be for your significant other, they can be for your mom, sister, or best friend. The day is all about "love" after all. No worries showing love is not just in gifts, you can also show it by doing something kind for someone you love, something you know they will appreciate. A few kind words written on a card go along way as well, or even said.

"Gift Ideas For Him"

1. Cologne Here  2. Lotion Here   3. Razor Here   4. T-Shirt Here  
 5. Leather Jacket Here   6. Something resembling his favorite sport   
 7. Beenie Here    8. Belt Here 9. Shoes Here  
10. Massage  11. Make him dinner

We can't forget about the men in our lives so here I put together a few ideas that might inspire the ladies. This again does not just have to be for your significant other, well, besides the massage haha! Have a great Valentines day.

here to inspire,